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Figure Candles - Figure or Image Candles are molded candles used to symbolism people, ideals or concepts in spiritual workings. Much like poppets or "voodoo dolls", figure candles utilize sympathetic magick to aid in spell-casting. They are typically dressed like any other candle and then marked and named for a specific person. 
These candles while originally from the Hoodoo Rootwork tradition are used in the craft and employ the usual candle colour magic meanings - white for purification/healing/peace - Green for Money/prosperity - Black for protection - Red for Love etc.

Pyramid Candles -
usually used to either win court cases or money petition especially if designed with an eye on it.
Sometimes scented, sometimes not scented  
Aligns with higher planes energies. Excellent for banishing and drawing.
Write your complete wish on the bottom on a piece of paper and let the candle burn all the way down.

Cross Candles -
Cross candles come in an array of colors whose use follow the same line of color symbolism in practical candle-burning spells. However, due to their association with Christianity, they are often used in conjunction with praying the Psalms for specific goals.

See color correspondences at the bottom of the page

Skull Candle -
Standing 5" high and 3" base, this reversible Black Skull Candle is used in ritual to increase the potency of your spells and a powerful aid in sending the curses and hexes that afflict you (or someone else) back to the source.

White Skull Candles are used for healing. Burn the white skull candle in the bedroom of the one who is sick.

Green – collect money owed to you from others or draw money to you

Black - Get Rid of problems caused by others or self-empowerment workings.  Black Skull Candles are used for very serious matters. They should be used with care                                          
                                                                                $5.99  each                                                                                                                   
Cat Candles - This Ritual Cat Candle is 7.5" in height and burns for 6 hours.  It is perfect for any cat lover.

Black Cat Candles -
traditionally used to banish negativity, reverse bad luck or to break spells and hexes. Helpful if burned in a place of business or office to cleanse out negativity and to attract good fortune. Anoint with a chosen

Red Cat Candles -
are used to gain love and passion from another by using the feminine feline qualities. Anoint with a chosen oil & burn when your lover is
                                                                                            $5.99 each

Watchtower Candles


                                     Candle Color Correspondences
The color of the candle should always, if possible, match your goal. People’s perception of, and reaction to, colors can be highly individual experience, therefore, the list below should act only as a guide and not a definitive source. When in doubt, trust your intuition.

  • White- Protection, healing, cleansing, blessing, all purpose.

  • Yellow- Creativity, communication, compelling.

  • Pink- Romance, friendship, happiness.

  • Orange- Employment, activation, stimulation.

             Red- Health, passion, lust, strength and love

  • Purple- Power, success, independence, spirits.

  • Brown- Friendship, law, stability, order.

  • Blue- Truth, justice, mental health, wisdom, wishes.

  • Green- Abundance, physical health, luck, prosperity

             Black- Banishing, binding, protection and cursing