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Coming Friday, Oct 17th

Elliot Jackson
Best-selling Author & Channel

Group Channeling / Workshop
$20 per person. Must be purchased in advance
6pm – 8:30pm

Private sessions available on Saturday October 18th from 11 - 5

If you have ever asked yourself how our universe was created, or if angels really exist, or what happens after death, and other timeless questions, this event is for you!

Elliott Eli Jackson is an inspirational speaker, Reiki master, and author of The Sapiential Discourses, From God to You: Absolute Truth, and Cacophony. Elliott channels All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be. Elliott and his wife Diane tour America presenting workshops in which Source speaks through Elliott to the audience, answering questions as well as giving spiritual guidance. The workshops focus is on obtaining and maintaining success in today’s world. We are privileged to welcome them once again to Pandora’s.                               
Click on the pictures below for a detailed description of each stones properties
Smokey and Quartz Spheres
Rainbow Obsidian Spheres                  
                                                                      Carnelian Spheres
      Palo Santo by the Stick
Jet "S" Wands