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Just a Sampling of whats New!

     Mookaite Skulls
Mookaite is the gemstone for the heart, solor plexus, and base chakras.  They are said to assist in slowing the aging process
It is also used to prompt one to be
adventurous and aids in physical protection
when carried or worn on the body.
Polished Quartz Points (Beautiful)
Everyone needs one of these!  Clear quartz crystal is a universal stone used to stimulate brain function, activates all levels of consciousness and brings harmony to the soul.  They are also used to relieve pain and reduce fevers and swelling.
Click on the pictures below for a detailed description of each stones properties
Smokey and Quartz Spheres
Rainbow Obsidian Spheres                  
                                                                      Carnelian Spheres
      Palo Santo by the Stick
Jet "S" Wands